Create Your Own Patterned Vinyl


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Did you know that you can create your own patterned vinyl using printable vinyl?

All you need to do is go to your favorite scrapbooking or crafting programs or websites to get high resolution pattern images that you like and download and print them onto printable vinyl sheets using your inkjet printer.

You can even find free printable patterns to create your own fun projects such as these jack-o-lantern face pieces. Print them right on printable vinyl, and cut them out with your silhouette, and then peel and stick to create your own original jack-o-lantern design. (you can also cut them out with a pair of scissors!!)

Now, you aren’t limited by what pre-printed patterns are available to purchase commercially, the sky is the limit!!

How To Create Curved Lettering Using Silhouette Studio

Step 1:
Draw a circle for the text to follow
Step 2:
Write your text anywhere on the page
Step 3:
Click the circle in the bottom left corner of your text and drag it to the circle. The text will wrap around the circle.
Step 4:
Adjust your text however you wish. There is a bar with a slider that appears that allows you to adjust the diameter of your text.
Step 5:
Set the original circle to “no cut”. You have to leave the circle in order for the text to remain curved
Additional comments:
This feature will follow any line or curve that you have drawn. It is not limited to circles.