Cricket Vinyl

Cricket Vinyl is a self adhesive vinyl sheet with a paper backing that keeps the adhesive from being exposed prematurely. It is available in several different sizes including 6 inch by 12 inch, 12 inch by 12 inch, and 12 inch by 24 inch. The manufacturer is Oracal. It is available in Oracal 631 and Oracal 651. Typically these are referred to as indoor for the 631 and outdoor for the 651. The difference is that the indoor vinyl has a matte finish, and the adhesive is more easily removed and not as permanent. The outdoor vinyl has a glossy finish and a slightly more aggressive adhesive which makes it more suitable for permanent applications including outdoor. Both vinyls can be used with any craft cutter. The vinyl is run through the cutter and the blade is set to cut through just the vinyl and not the backing. This allows the user to then peel away the waste vinyl leaving only the project pieces on the backing. Transfer tape is then placed over the project and it is all removed from the backing allowing the project to stay in place once it is removed. The transfer tape is then positioned over the final substrate (wall, sign board, etc.) and stuck into place. The transfer tape is then removed leaving the project complete.