Cricut Imagine and Silhouette Printable Vinyl


The Cricut Imagine can print images and cut them out. The Cricut Imagine can print and cut on vinyl, paper, cloth and anything else you can think of, but the number one advantage to the Cricut Imagine is printable vinyl.

The Silhouette can also cut out images and designs in printable vinyl that are printed on your existing inkjet printer. Through the included software, you can design images to be printed, then cut out. The Silhouette software prints marks on your page so that the Silhouette can find its location when you go to cut and then it will cut exactly where you want it to.

Printable vinyl allows you to create the projects that you’ve always imagined in your head, but were unable to create with plain old cricut vinyl. Your imagination truly is the only thing limiting you on what you can create with printable vinyl. Until now, the craft world hasn’t been able to wrap their minds around the idea of printable vinyl as something that you can do at home with your own printer and craft cutter machine, but the future is here.

Have you ever wanted to add more depth and interest to the plain colors that you’ve been using from plain old cricut vinyl? Have you ever wanted to make your own stickers, or print out pictures of your children and put them on a glass block or mirror or tile or board? Printable vinyl is the answer you’ve been looking for, and it is easier than you think.

Printable vinyl is similar to other cricut vinyl. It has a backing that keeps the adhesive ready for sticking onto whatever your project requires, and on the front, the printable vinyl is a matte white finish. The picture quality that is possible with our printable vinyl is truly amazing. Any images or pattern that you can find can be used  to transform your printable vinyl into rich and interesting sheets of cricut vinyl and Silhouette vinyl that can then be used for limitless projects.

The Cricut Imagine uses 12×12 sheets of printable vinyl. The Silhouette uses standard 8 1/2″ x 11″ paper size. These are available to purchase exclusively through Our Affiliate

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