Questions about Printable Vinyl

Frequently Asked Questions About Printable Vinyl

1. Q: What sizes does the Printable vinyl come in?
A: Our Printable vinyl comes in two different sizes a 8 1/2 x 11 for ANYONE to use with their inkjet printer, and a 12×12 for those with a Cricut imagine.

2. Q: What side of the Printable vinyl do you print on?
A: When you get your printable vinyl at home you will notice there is a slick wax paper looking side and a matte side that appears more dull looking. The side that is slick is the back side, and the matte side is the side you should print on. If you are still unsure just pull up a corner of the vinyl to reveal which is the front and which is the back. The back has the adhesive on it.

3. Q: What kind of printer should I use with this Printable vinyl?
A: Inkjet printer. If you do not have an inkjet printer they are reasonably priced for around 50 dollars at Wal-mart.

4. Q: Can I use a laser color printer with this Printable vinyl?
A: No, the way the laser printer works, it has a drum that heats up inside and the coating on our printable vinyl with melt off and ruin the laser printer. So do not use with color laser printers. It only works with an inkjet color printer.

5. Q: What setting on my printer should I use to print on the printable vinyl?
A: Always set your printer to BEST print quality, this allows for the ink to soak into the vinyl, thus leaving no lines in your image.

6. Q: How long should I wait before the Printable vinyl is dry enough to cut out?
A: It really depends on your printer, and what brand you have. My printer is a HP Photo smart Printer and it is dry the instant it comes out of my printer, but allow about ten minutes to dry if yours does not do that.

7. Q: Is this Printable vinyl waterproof?
A: Yes, Our printable vinyl is a premium grade vinyl that does NOT require any sprays nor laminating to become waterproof. It is waterproof right out of the package.

8. Q: How long should I wait to for the printable vinyl to become completely waterproof ?
A: We recommend you wait 24 hours before exposing to water.

9. Q: How thick is your printable vinyl?
A: Our Printable vinyl is 4 mils. thick.

10. Q: Do I have to have a Cricut imagine to be able to use Printable vinyl?
A: No, you do not have to have a Cricut imagine to use our printable vinyl, Anyone can use our vinyl. You don’t even have to have a craft cutting machine to use our Printable vinyl. You can use our vinyl with just an inkjet printer and a pair of scissors!! We really have opened up our printable vinyl for EVERYONE TO USE!!

11. Q: What setting should I use When cutting my Printable vinyl ?
A: It depends on what type of craft cutting machine you have, Cricut uses a 3 and silhouette uses a depth of 12 or 13.

12.Q: What kinds of craft cutting machines can use this Printable vinyl?
A: All of them can use printable vinyl, I have not run into a craft cutting machine yet that could not cut the printable vinyl.

13. Q: What kinds of things can I use Printable vinyl on?
A: There is so many things you can put this vinyl on, Let your imagination go wild. some ideas are: Tiles, walls, glass, plastic, wood, metal.

14. Q: What surfaces will printable vinyl stick to?
A: The same surfaces that cricut vinyl can stick to , so can printable vinyl.

15. Q: Can I use printable vinyl on my car?
A: Yes, you can, but beware that it is a permanent adhesive, and you may never get it off. Use it like you would a bumper sticker.

16. Q: What kinds of things can I print on this Printable vinyl ?
A: You can print Pictures of your family, scrapbook paper designs, like zebra, cheetah, plaid, stripes, stars ,frogs or what ever pattern you want it to be. You can also print labels, download pictures from internet and print your favorite football , or sports team logo. let your imagination run wild! there are no limits.

17. Q: Where can I buy your Printable Vinyl?
A: Click this link to get your own Printable Vinyl!

18. Q: What makes your Printable vinyl better than other printable vinyl on the market?
A: Our Printable vinyl is superior above our competitors because it is made for commercial sign companies, it offers the best Print quality, adhesive, and waterproof technology out on the market today. Our printable vinyl also comes in two sizes so everyone can use it. 8 1/2 x11 and 12×12’s.

19. Q: What kind of adhesive does your printable vinyl have?
A: Our printable vinyl has a permanent adhesive on the back , it can be removed easily off many things, but the longer it sits the harder it will be to remove.

20. Q: Can I use the Printable vinyl for an outdoor application?
A: Yes, you can it will work just great outside! just note the color will fade faster in the sun!!

21. Q: Is your printable vinyl dishwasher safe?
A: I have done some testing on this and found my results to be surprising! I used a metal bowl and put a polka dot pattern name on it and then kept it in my dishwasher non stop for a month, on the top rack using Finish tabs as my detergent, and it worked great!! I also hand washed too, and it also did fine! Great for sippy cups for your children with name and picture on it. Note some colors may fade a little.
22. Q: Does the Printable vinyl when exposed to water run after the 24 hour period?
A: It depends on printer and ink you use, but some colors may run a little but will not effect its color or waterproof capabilities.

23. Q: Where can I get ideas to use Printable vinyl?
A: Right here on , I am constantly thinking of and doing projects to inspire your creativity with this HOT new product in the crafting world!