Silhouette Cutter Settings for Printable Vinyl

A very common question we get is: “What settings do I use to cut printable vinyl on my Silhouette Cutter?”
The answer for depth is to use the blue tip, and set the depth to between 11 and 15. If your blade is new, 11 will work great, but as your blade ages, you have to set it deeper. 11 would work only on a brand new blade. For an average blade, 13 is a good starting point, and a really well used blade will need to be at least 15.
As far as speed is concerned, if the project is simple, you can set the speed to 10, but if it is more intricate, or you are trying to cut lots of small parts such as I did in my calendar project, you need to slow it down to a 5 or 6.

***Silhouette Cameo settings:***
Set the physical blade to a “3”, set the electronic blade to “15”, and set the speed to “8”