Silhouette Vinyl

Silhouette vinyl is made from the exact same material as cricut vinyl. It is Oracal 631,which is extremely well suited to cutting with your silhouette cutter. It is an exhibition grade vinyl, which means that the adhesive on the back of it is only semi-permanent making it great for any craft project that you can think of. It has a satin finish, so that it doesn’t glare when you put it on your walls, and matches the soft sheen so many of us prefer on our walls. It works great on indoor walls because it will stay where you put it until you’re ready to take it off, then it comes right off without damaging your wall finish.

If you’re looking for a more glossy and permanent vinyl, Oracal 651 is also available which is a more permanent Silhouette vinyl, but as far as cutting and using it with your silhouette, the process is exactly the same.

Silhouette vinyl is available in over 30 colors, and several different sizes including 9 inch x 24 inch, and 9inch x 10 yard rolls!

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You can use this vinyl for all kinds of craft projects. The silhouette is able to cut it much easier than the cricut can because with the silhouette, you don’t have to place it on a sticky backer in order to cut it. Since the vinyl has a backing on it, you can just place it in the silhouette and let it cut. The cutter blade is adjusted so that it will not cut through the back–in fact, the silhouette has a built in setting just for this feature, so there is no guess work. On the other hand, if you only have a small piece of vinyl scrap that you want to cut an image or saying with, you can go ahead and use the carrying sheet and stick it right where you need it and cut it out.