To Go Cup With Printable Vinyl Decoration


For this project, I took a plain clear reusable to go cup and customized it with printable vinyl. I created several different images to show you how unlimited the possibilities are when customizing your own to go cup!

The first picture is of an entire sheet of images that I printed on vinyl, then cut out with my silhouette sd cutter to be used on my to go cups (the Steelers logos are for a future project–Pine Wood Derby Car). The second picture is of the cow on my to go cup. The third picture is my personalized to go cup with a mountain dew logo that I printed out myself on my inkjet printer.

If you need help finding images, just go to Google, and search images for whatever you’re looking for. There are millions of images on the internet that you can print out on your printable vinyl, just right click on the image, then click save image as, and you’ve got a picture you can print out!

Here is a Lobster cup! And a recycle symbol on top surrounding the straw hole. The last picture is of an owl (note the back of the lobster on the other side of the cup)

These images were all printed on printable vinyl using an HP inkjet printer from WalMart. The printable vinyl we use is made for the commercial sign industry, so it is made to withstand far more than the average hobbyist like me will ever put it through. I have had great success with this vinyl. If you have any questions about using printable vinyl, send me a comment, and I will reply ASAP! One more thing: when you decide you want to re-decorate your to go cup, you can just peel off the old design, and stick on the new one!

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